Philadelphia personal injury case: What can affect your settlement?

Filing a personal injury lawsuit can be overwhelming, especially without an attorney on your side. If you have suffered injuries or losses because of the other party’s neglect or intent, you could potentially sue them in Pennsylvania. It is always wise to seek legal advice early to know the true worth of your claim. Almost all Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee, which means you don’t have to pay an hourly rate right away. In this post, we are sharing some of the key things that can impact your settlement. 

  1. Injuries endured. The injuries of your injuries largely determine what you can get in a settlement. For example, if you have suffered serious fractures, skull injuries, or disfigurement, your compensation would be significantly higher. 
  2. Property damage valuation. In the case of vehicle accidents, property damage is often included as a part of the personal injury lawsuit. If your car was damaged in the accident and you had to pay huge repair bills, your eventual settlement will depend on that. 
  3. Cost of medical care. This is kind of proportionate to the injuries you have endured. If you require medical care and treatment for a long time to come, your claim would be for a much higher amount. It is important that you keep all details and records with you. 
  4. Shared fault. Pennsylvania follows the modified comparative fault rule. If you had a share in fault, your fault would decide what you get from a settlement. If you are more than 50% at fault, you cannot sue the other party for compensation. 
  5. Precedence. In personal injury cases, the outcomes of previous cases are often considered, especially when the circumstances are similar or comparable. If your case eventually goes to trial, the court may use precedence as a factor. 
  6. Available evidence. You are the one filing the claim, and therefore, the burden of proof is on you. If there is no key evidence to prove that the other party was clearly at fault, or when the evidence is limited, the eventual settlement could be lower. 
  7. Your attorney. The experience and expertise of an injury lawyer make a big difference to the case. If you have hired a competent attorney, you can have some assurance that they will do their best to recover a settlement that’s acceptable and covers your losses. 

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